Maaura of the Sea

Water Genasi Monk


STR: 11(0)
DEX: 15 (
CON: 14 (2)
INT: 13 (
WIS: 14 (+2)
CHR: 9 (-1)

Saving Throws

Current HP & Armour
HP: 10
Armor: 14
(1d8 hit dice)



Captured as a child by members of the Asmundian Empire, she was later sold to a wealthy nobleman who collected valuable specimen and treasure. Growing up, she had a decent life, provided with food and a semblance of an education (thought limited), however she was trapped and was never allowed any sort of freedom. By the time she came of age, she had never been allowed to make a choice of her own. 

Having now grown up, she was faced with something far more daunting: the sale of her virginity. Being a Genasi, she was highly sought after. Being one of the few types of Genasi who are actually able to interact with the humans of Asmund without either creating a volatile reaction or straight up killing them, she was even more tresured. Many believed lying with a Genasi to temporarily grant you some of their elemental abilities, or to heighten your current elemental connection through magic. Whatever the case, it was time to make her first ever true decision: deciding to flee. 

Game Notes

Monk, following the Way of the four Elements, with a restriction on water- and lightning-based magic. 

Maaura of the Sea

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